no stuff, only..


this is your new homepage. if i do somthing cool you can find it here prolly; its basically a secret sitemap and then some

you found the stuff page by snooping around my website. I dunno how you did it because nobody really knows about this page and it's not linked to from anywhere. ( except for ringt noow but dont tell anyone im too lazy to change this)

this page contains pretty much all of the secrets on my website and then some. Some secrets arent here thou looooool


aag, mediocre game made in a game-design class press F7 to toggle devmode

afd, mediocre random stealth game i made because i was bored press Esc to go to the menu and change the generation
No, AFD doesn't stand for anything

various builds of UnnamedGameLol

!!HEYO!! all the links here lead to the same file, you can just click one and itll download all theree in a zip f ile
built on September 1st 2015
This one you can hold P and press Delete to access a debug menu; type a level name in and hit Enter or Return. (you can type stuff like 'levelred', 'levelgreen', and 'newtest'. Experiment a bit; there are more things you can type)

built on November 30th 2014

Dedicated demo running on old tec
also, raddy listen to what Block has to say, sometimes he reveals secrets


Ya can find musics that I did at this page right here then
theres more here at me soundcloud
this'n is my favie

Also you can find secrets hidden in the source code of some of these pages
nvm you probably already knew that; thats how you found this page lol

also how many tears can you find in this website


You're lazy; read the friggin page, come on.
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